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Monday, September 6, 2010

strength for the journey.

before leaving for my mission this year, i attended MISO (Maryknoll International Service Orientation) in Ossining, NY, and i had the opportunity to meet some other missioners, who would also be serving all around the world. it was an amazing blessing to have other friends, also serving on mission this year (some for the next two years, just like me! yay solidarity!)

salesians, JVI, mercy corps, GSV...here is a compilation of some of their blogs. all of our experiences are extremely unique, especially given the international context, and it is so wonderful to see how God takes many shapes in each of these countries...united, we support one another. and we're doing this together. :)

it's pretty remarkable. enjoy!

* let me know if you want me to include your blog here. :)

Angela in Bolivia
Marcos in Bolivia
Monica in Bolivia
Joe in China
Jon in Brazil
Josh in Ethiopia

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